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Investor Partners

2020 Annual Report Recap

Please join us to view a recap of the successful work of Clay Florida Economic Development Corporation over 2020. The organization is leading the countywide partnership implementing the 5-Year Strategic Plan to maximize ROI of FDOT's $1.9B transportation investment of the First Coast Expressway.  Investor Partners play the most critical role in facilitating this endeavor.  They are the most vital part of the Clay Florida Economic Development Corporation as they financially secure the organization's existence. Please join us to celebrate all of the work and accomplishments that Investor Partners have facilitated.

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Building a diverse and sustainable economy in Clay County requires the investment of a coalition of partners that are committed to making it happen.  Your decision to be an Investor Partner in the Clay Florida Economic Development Corporation supports a focused and consistent effort to encourage economic growth in Clay County, and the creation of more high-wage jobs for our residents.  Clay Economic Development Corporation is a 501.c.3 not-for-profit corporation.  

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