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Welcome to the fastest growing county in Florida! Clay County, Florida is a fantastic place to start, grow or relocate your business. Your Relocation/Expansion Resource Center awaits below.

Strategic Advantages A warm & business-friendly community that works hard to attract & retain quality businesses.

Clay County is home to a reliable, well-educated, and hard working workforce with a 77% commuter rate. The area boasts ease of access for logistics and a variety of existing buildings and developable land, all within Foreign Trade Zone 64. An 'A' rated school district (8th in the state) and a demonstrated pro-business local government holding economic development as its #1 goal are the icing on the cake.

Why choose Clay?

Learn why savvy business owners continue to choose Clay County, Florida.

When we poll business owners in Clay County, the consistent answer as to why they choose Clay for their business location is cost savings. Labor, real estate, insurance and utility cost savings are just the start. A hard working and educated workforce combined with logistical advantages are awaiting your project. Learn more below!

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