Traditional Work Ethic A workforce with unparalleled enthusiasm and drive.

Clay County is home to the second highest earners in the Jacksonville MSA.  Our residents are also the second highest in education attainment in the Jacksonville region.  Home to Camp Blanding Joint Training Center, the primary military reservation and training base for the Florida National Guard, and just 2 miles from NAS Jacksonville; Clay County boasts a 16.2% veteran population.  

Business Summary

77% Workforce Commuter Rate Over 78,000 of our residents commute for work opportunities

As a bedroom community to Jacksonville, residents commute an average of 33 minutes for employment opportunities. Over 77% of Clay County residents commute out of the county for work.  Businesses have a tremendous opportunity to recapture the outbound labor force.  Additionally, Clay County offers businesses an average labor cost savings of 18% over neighboring Jacksonville.