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March 08, 2024 HCA Florida Orange Park launches groundbreaking treatment to help Parkinson's tremors

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Jacksonville, FL — HCA Florida Orange Park Hospital is the first hospital in Northeast Florida to offer an innovative treatment option for patients with tremor predominant Parkinson’s disease and essential tremors. MRI-guided focused ultrasound uses sound waves to precisely target and erode deep brain tissue in the area of the brain responsible for the tremor.

During the treatment, low energy is first applied, which allows the patient to inform the physician of any sensations they feel or potential side effects. The physician can make individualized adjustments to the target. Once efficacy is confirmed, the energy is gradually increased to create a small therapeutic lesion at the site of the brain that controls the tremor.

This groundbreaking procedure results in instantaneous, noticeable improvement and a better quality of life. No surgical incision or anesthesia is necessary, and patients usually experience a reduction in their tremors, giving them a chance to get back to their daily activities.

“Patients usually experience an immediate elimination or significant reduction in their tremors. They leave the hospital two hours after treatment is completed and are able to return to normal activities without delay. If individuals suffer with tremors in both arms, the second arm can be treated nine months after the first treatment is completed,” said HCA Florida Neurosurgeon Michael Horowitz.

HCA Florida Orange Park Hospital launched its MRI-guided focused ultrasound this March in honor of Essential Tremor Awareness Month. Over 60 million people across the globe live with essential tremors. An astounding 67% of those living with essential tremors have an increased risk of depression.

“I am excited that HCA Florida Orange Park Hospital has chosen to pursue innovative neurosurgical procedures such as focused ultrasound. These breakthrough therapies significantly improve patient quality of life, giving patients the opportunity to function more autonomously in day to day activities that many of us take for granted. By investing in procedures such as this one, HCA Healthcare is illustrating its dedication to the care and improvement of human life in our community,” said Horowitz.

HCA Florida Orange Park Hospital is proud to be the first healthcare provider in the region to offer the focused ultrasound treatment. For more information, please visit the HCA Florida Orange Park Hospital website.

Article written by HCA FL OP Press Release